GROSCHE Marino 550ml/18.6oz Water and Tea Travel Infuser, Glass and Stainless Steel Sport Water Bottle with Infuser; Tea Tumbler , Cold Brew Coffee Maker, and Water Bottle (Black)


The Marino Tea Infuser and Water Bottle is a fantastic way to infuse your water with fruit or make great tea on the go! This handmade water bottle offers a removable infuser in the base, an easy drinking sport mouth, and a durable, thick, glass construction with a silicone heatproof carry handle. A Great Infuser water bottle for your busy life style!


Infusing with Loose Leaf Tea
-Boil your desired amount of water in a kettle (temperatures depend of type of tea)
-Add 2 Teaspoons of loose leaf tea to the Marino’s Stainless Steel Infuser then screw it back into the base of the bottle
-Pour your boiled water through the top of the bottle and screw the lid back on top
-Let your tea steep while you go about your busy day and enjoy! Add more hot water as needed

Infusing with Fruit
-Cut up desired fruit into small enough pieces to fit into the Marino’s Infuser and screw the infuser into the bottom of the bottle
-Pour hot or cold, fresh water in the top of your Marino bottle, through the steel mesh infuser and screw the lid back on
-Let your fruit infuse while you go about your busy day and enjoy! Refill the water as needed.
Cold Brew Coffee
Fill the infuser with medium or coarse ground coffee and screw into bottle.
Add room temp. water and lets stand for 18 hours to cold brew coffee. It can brew at room temp. or in a fridge as well.
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Product Features

  • Excellent Glass Tea and Water Infuser, and Sport Water Bottle with a 550 ml / 18.6 oz capacity! A great travel infuser for on-the-go tea infusion, fruit water infusion, herb infusion, or cold brew coffee making.
  • Made of strong, lightweight, heat resistant Borosilicate Glass, and with a Stainless steel tea and fruit infuser filter. The infuser filter can be left empty or be emptied out when finished steeping/infusing but it must be kept in to prevent leaks as it also doubles as a seal
  • Comes with top of bottle carry-strap and heat resistant silicone band. Its a Tea tumbler, Water bottle, fruit infuser, and cold brew coffee maker. Perfect for all day on the go tea and water infusion and hydration sport bottle.
  • 100% BPA and Lead Free. Durable Stainless Steel filter for your tea steeping, fruit infusions, and cold brew coffee making. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • One Year Warranty – Satisfaction guaranteed! Please contact Rizpresso or the manufacturer directly. The Purchase of this product will create 5 days of safe drinking water for someone in need through the GROSCHE SAFE WATER PROJECT – For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website at

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3 Responses to GROSCHE Marino 550ml/18.6oz Water and Tea Travel Infuser, Glass and Stainless Steel Sport Water Bottle with Infuser; Tea Tumbler , Cold Brew Coffee Maker, and Water Bottle (Black)

  1. Hester jackson says:

    Fantastic infuser for loose teas This is a lovely water bottle, it is made of glass with a silicone grip and the lid and base fit really well. So I’ve been using this to seep my teas overnight, I fill the the infuser (which has a beautifully fine stainless mesh) with my tea and at the moment I’m using a cinnamon chai (full of cinnamon, cardamom pods, black pepper and zest). Then I fill the bottle halfway with boiling water and leave it to seep overnight. In the morning I taste the cold infused tea and depending on how strong…

  2. Pete Willis says:

    The fanciest bottle I own. I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I probably would have bought it anyway.Everything about this bottle seems to be that step above any of the mass of infusers floating about on the market. Compared to a plastic bottle it feels far more like something a grown up would drink from. Admittedly that’s because it’s probably not something you should let a child near. It is a very nice thing that you know will last provided it never hits a hard surface from…

  3. Amelialegbar says:

    VERY POSH INFUSER BOTTLE This is the bee’s knees of fruit infuser bottles!!Such a brilliant design and so so classy looking!I actually wanted this for myself, but my husband saw it and decided he needed it instead!It is amazing quality, beautiful glass bottle with a stainless steel cage in the bottom, either used with it filled with loose leave tea, coffee beans, or ready made fruit tea bags can be placed inside (strings and tags removed works best) there are so many different flavours to…

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