Glass Water Bottle with Tea Infuser, Cup of Tea Mug, Drink Glass Kettle Tea pc-607 brown

Colour: Blue/Yellow/Green/Brown
Test of product: SMQ
Packaging: Simple packaging Colour Box, 60 pcs/carton
Cup Size: 7 * 24 cm (base diameter * height), the Specifications of the box: 45 * 37 * 50 cm (Manual measurement error)
Net Weight: 191.7g, Gross Weight: 14kg/Box Capacity: 550ml
Material: Food grade PC bottle + lid in stainless steel + ABS 304 Filter + Food grade silicone sealing ring

Product Features

  • The product is a safer food grade PC material, environmental protection.
  • The lid out of a food grade material ABS, Type source output, and as the water is more convenient, the cover into a comfortable design of the string, turn the water can be used to hold the rope is not hot.
  • Click on the top button in a locking tool plus added, locking the locks on the bag does not shy away from accidentally hitting push button lid and cause leaks.
  • The body has a unique apron design, if it takes the bottle or cut the rope, do not have to worry about warm
  • Traditional with the plastic filter is different from the bottom of the product by # 304 stainless steel mesh filter, a practical and hygienic.

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