EVERTOP Multi Electric Dish/Cup/Bottle Brush Cleaner&Glass Cleaning Brush Edge Glass Brush, 4 in 1 Powered Kitchen Kettle Spout Teapot Cleaning Brush (White)

About this product:
It is a hand held kitchen cleaner with interchangeable head and attachments which turns it from a bottle/glass washer to a universal washer/scrubber of any type of dish cleaner with a powerful and rechargable battery. This item comes with the battery, the charger, hand held tool, bottle/glass cleaning head, sponge cleaning head, shammy attachment, scourer head, each head is easy to add or remove and the whole item gives an effective and powerful clean.

EVERTOP is a manufacturer producing high quality products and providing good customer service to our customers worldwide. Our product covers many household categories like cordless electric floor cleaner, window cleaner, kitchen & bathroom cleaner and more.

Product Features:
• It is good method to clean glass, bowl, dishes and any tableware by this Electric scrubber in kitchen
• Packed with 4 interchangeable brush head- scouring pad, hard brush, seaweed cotton brush, PU sponge brush for bowl, cup, glass or dishes washing
• Easy to clean the angle on the edge and glass with small rim that hands cannot get in
• Easy change brush heads
• IP7 waterproof level

• Color:White with blue
• Model: FD-EGD-A
• Material: ABS+TPE
• Run time:1-3 hours
• Product size:7.56×3.66x3inches
• Weight (bottle empty): 780 g
• Working battery: 2.1AH NI-MH

Package Contents:
• 1 x Dish Scrubber
• 4x Interchangeable brushes
• Rechargeable battery with charge adapter
• 1 x User manual

If any problems, please feel free to contact us, hope you have the 100% satisfaction shopping experience from us.

Product Features

  • The rechargeable powered dish scrubbing device and four different heads plus the charging port for the battery that plugs into a main point .
  • Soft,comfortable, non-slip grip;There are interchangeable heads that you slip on the spindle of the motor.
  • The circular brush makes easy work of cleaning tea stained cups and mugs.
  • It’s a rechargeable battery and comes with a separate charging port and power supply. Each charge lasts around 1-3 hours of use.
  • This set works really well, it is strong and powerful and does make difficult to clean items spotless in minutes

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2 Responses to EVERTOP Multi Electric Dish/Cup/Bottle Brush Cleaner&Glass Cleaning Brush Edge Glass Brush, 4 in 1 Powered Kitchen Kettle Spout Teapot Cleaning Brush (White)

  1. Steveg says:

    One of the best kitchen gadgets I’ve ever seen You’d have to be a strange person if you liked washing up (apologies if you are one). Even with a dishwasher not all things come out clean. Those stubborn tea stains, the burnt on pans and casserole tide marks are all a nightmare. So when I saw an electric device that can take all the hard work out of it, I ordered it without hesitation.I thought it would be a cheap and nasty battery operated device with very little power. I always have a pessimistic outlook. I’m glad to…

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you like me are in charge of all the washing up then you may feel like treating yourself and getting one of these devices. I don’t have a dishwasher and probably couldn’t justify getting one but this Evertop kit is somewhat more affordable and really does work.We are not talking just your plates and cutlery here we are talking about badly tea stained cups; pans and oven trays with burn on oils and food and getting to the bottom of those slim tall glasses. I really does make hard…

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