Ecooe Stainless Steel Teapot Stovetop Safe Coffee Kettle with Infuser Strainer 34 Oz Best Tea Press Pot

Ecooe French Press for memorable years of enjoying espresso for ultimate relaxation

Premium Stainless Steel
Made of 304 stainless steel and crafted meticulously, the pot is non-deformed and unbreakable. Its shining and smooth surface is sure to make it an elegant addition to any kitchen table.

Chunky Handle
The chunky handle gives you a firm and comfortable grip. Its elegant shape can perfectly combine with the body to form a perfect whole.

Non-Absorbent Feature
Thanks to non-absorbent feature of the stainless steel, no coffee oil will be absorbed and you sure will enjoy a full-bodied and tastiest cup of coffee.

Simple to Brew
To get your satisfying strength, just add the ground coffee, pour hot water into the pot and then let it steep for a while.

Easy to Clean
With gentle twist, the cap and filter are easy to disassemble for thorough cleaning just by simple rinse and wash.

Product Features

  • Superior Material: Made of thick premium 304 stainless steel, the French press is corrosion resistant, heat resistant and durable enough for years to come.
  • No More Coffee Grounds: With the super fine mesh filter, no sediment or ground can make their way into your cupper while the subtle aromas and flavors of your coffee will flow through easily.
  • Considerable Features: The 4mm-thick angled handle is heatproof and anti-scald. The special lid and filter design can help you filter out the sediments without extra movement.
  • Variety of Uses: Besides making coffee, our pot is also great for preparing green tea, flower tea, milk and other drinks, very suitable for home party and other special occasions.
  • What You Get: A French stainless steel press pot, our 18-month hassle-free warranty and friendly customer service.

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