E-PRANCE Pour Over Coffee Filter, Cone Coffee Dripper Paperless, Permanent 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel double mesh Pour Over Coffee Maker with Stand for 1-4 cups

Better Tasting, More Affordable, and Economical Cup of Coffee

Stable and Easy-To-Clean: Pour over cone for 1-4 cups for a darker and richer coffee taste.

Quickly and easily brew a robust, great-tasting cup of coffee with the pour-over coffee dripper filter.
Simply place the pour-over coffee filter on top of your coffee cup.
Put two or three tablespoons of medium or coarse ground coffee in the filter.
Pour hot water over the coffee and let the water drip through.

It has a sturdy, wide base so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over or not covering your coffee mug.

In the box we have included a guide with detailed instructions and tips, to help you brew the best cup of coffee you ever had.

Reuseable and ECO-friendly: Our coffee dripper provides you a hassle-free, permanent and reusable solution to brew high-quality pour over coffee without the need to ever buy paper filters again. Eliminate paper waste and do your bit for our planet.

Stop buying paper filters or expensive pods and start saving money today. This pour-over coffee dripper makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life!

Product Features

  • Unlike plastic,18/8 (304) stainless steel is BPA free ,this reusable filter completely filters out even the finest grinds
  • A great alternative to disposable paper filters, that rob your coffee of essential oils, and flavors
  • Great-tasting cup of coffee with no paper filter brewing, will not absorb any nutrients or oils from your coffee beans power
  • Fine-grade mesh keeps the coffee grounds in the filter while allowing the coffee oils to flow through for a robust cup of coffee
  • Removable rubber grip for safe when pour with hot water, easy to grip and can be removed easily for washing

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4 Responses to E-PRANCE Pour Over Coffee Filter, Cone Coffee Dripper Paperless, Permanent 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel double mesh Pour Over Coffee Maker with Stand for 1-4 cups

  1. Kanrece says:

    I’m super happy with my purchase of this filter. I just received this today, right in time for my single daily cup of pour-over coffee. So, I’ve been drinking pour-over coffee almost exclusively for well over a year now and I thought I’d found the absolute best way of enjoying my one cup of freshly ground, locally roasted, organic whole bean coffee… but boy was I wrong! This thing takes your coffee experience to a whole other level! I had no idea the paper filter I’d been using to filter my coffee through had been stealing so much of the…

  2. Kenkonti says:

    super cup of coffee This is a great coffee filter. It makes a perfect coffee, and it’s so quick and easy to use.To use, just sit the filter on top of your coffee cup and boil the kettle. Put in a couple of teaspoons of ground coffee (or your desired amount), add the water, this will filter through and you have a cup of fresh coffee in less than a minute. That’s it. Perfect results.I am very impressed with how this works. I thought it would take a…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I recently gave up coffee but my husband will drink an occasional cup and when we have guests they definitely love their coffee. I was looking for something that did not take up extra space on my counters and could easily be pulled out when needed. I have had a lot of problems with keurig machines not working right or breaking so I just brew my own tea and have felt no need for a large machine. What appealed to me about this product was the ease of use as well as the ability to just do a cup…

  4. Amy says:

    I used Open Kitchen coffee dripper almost everyday. I love this product! working very well.

    One of the best thing about this dripper is that it comes with a measuring spoon that can also help close the coffee bag.

    Operation is pretty simple. Measure your coffee with the provided spoon – you may have to adjust the amount of coffee based on your like and jolt-need! Add boiling water (carefully) on the dripper WHILE the dripper is positioned on the coffee mug. Let it drain and put some more hot water. You need to adjust your water level by frequently checking the mug. After that, empty the coffee grounds on the trash/recycle and just wash off the dripper under running water (it is very easy to clean). You can now enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.

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