DRIPSTER Cold Drip Coffee Maker (4 cups / 500ml), Dripper for Cold Brew Coffee

Does Cold-Brew-Coffee just taste like cold coffee?

No way – otherwise Cold-Brew would not be so popular in the USA and Australia. The secret: that aromatic coffee oils and caffeine dissolve at low temperatures, whereas acids and bitter substances dissolve only at high heat. Thereby, you get a refreshing-fruity drink, which still tastes like coffee, but is much less sour and bitter.

What is the difference between the “Full-Immersion” -method and Cold-Drip?

Cold-Brew can be produced in two ways: Full-Immersion and Cold-Drip. During Full-Immersion, you simply dissolve grounded coffee with cold water, and then allow it to stand for 10 to 15 hours and then filter it through. Principally a good method – but it is difficult to find the right coffee-water ratio as well as a good extraction time. Moreover, because of the long extraction time, some bitter substances and acid dissolve. ColdDrip offers a whole range of advantages. First, the dripping causes physical adhesion and thus attracts significantly more coffee oils. Second, you can hardly do anything wrong. Third, it does not take 15 hours, but only 2-3.

How do you drink Cold Brew Coffee?

Cold brew is much more versatile than hot-brewed coffee. Classically, you drink it cold on ice, also with a dash of milk or fresh lemon juice. Also, very suitable for Longdrinks: it harmonizes marvellously with tonic water, but also with Licor 43, as a “Black Russian” or Coffeepirinha. However, Cold-Brew can also be enjoyed heated as an easy alternative to traditional hot coffee.


The DRIPSTER is the cold brew dripper for your home. It is compact, high-quality, looks good – and the most important: it fulfils its purpose just like the big and much more expensive Drippers.

Product Features

  • NOT JUST COLD COFFEE: Cold-brew coffee tastes fruity-sweet, is very enjoyable and contains a lot of natural caffeine. With cold rather than hot water more aromas are dissolved, but less acids and bitter substances. Cold-brew tea is also delicious.
  • COLD-DRIP-COFFEE is renowned for being the best of the cold-brew methods. Compared to the conventional “full-immersion” method, even more of the valuable coffee oils are dissolved but less acids. In addition, the process is much faster and the cold-brew no longer needs to be filtered.
  • DRIPSTER is the cold brew coffee dripper for your home: compact, functional, beautiful and premium-quality.
  • PERFECT GIFT: for every coffee lover – the DRIPSTER comes beautifully packaged and with an instruction card.
  • THE DRIPSTER OFFERS: water tank made of durable, food-safe and BPA-free plastic. Coffee container made of PYREX branded glass. Valve allows for an exact adjustment of the dripping speed. Permanent filter made of extra-fine stainless steel mesh.

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2 Responses to DRIPSTER Cold Drip Coffee Maker (4 cups / 500ml), Dripper for Cold Brew Coffee

  1. Amazon Customer says:

    Delicious coffee and great design at a very fair price I do like this little machine. It makes great tasting coffee while at the same time looking pretty stylish. It’s really easy to use (although you will need quite a bit of patience and plan your cup of coffee well in advance. But that in my eyes is also part of its charme) and produces coffee that’s both intense and smooth. I’m not someone who normally likes their coffee black, but it’s a different story if it’s made with this. The combination of simple but cool design with great tasting coffee…

  2. Deborah May says:

    Not convinced it’s worth the price.

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