De’Longhi Brillante Faceted Jug Kettle KBJ 3001.BK, 3 KW – Black

Product Features

  • Exclusive plastic faceted Kettle in black with chromed details
  • 360 degree swivel base and stainless steel concealed element
  • 3 kW power and 1.7 Litre water capacity
  • 3-level safety protection: auto shut-off when boiled or lifted and thermal cut-off
  • Removable, washable scale filter and non-slip feet

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3 Responses to De’Longhi Brillante Faceted Jug Kettle KBJ 3001.BK, 3 KW – Black

  1. docpm says:

    Rusts!! This is after just 4 months of everyday use.I could have tolerated the leaking steam from the top cover…I am alright with the fact that this is a dust magnet.However what galls me is the design of the cover , which puts 3 metal screws on the inside of the cover and basically RUSTS.The rust leaks into the water and it was only when i started noticing the funny taste of my coffee i saw the offending screws.Given the reputation of De’Longhi i was…

  2. JeanH says:

    Design before function This is a beautiful kettle, and if its sole purpose were to complement the appearance of my kitchen, I would have nothing to criticise. I like the way it swivels, and though right-handed myself I can appreciate that it is great that it will suit left-handers also. It pours well with that sharp spout, and cleans easily. It boils quickly, too. So far, five stars…BUT…I really have to look hard to check I have actually switched it on as the light is quite small and unobtrusive. More to…

  3. annie says:

    Brilliant kettle! While raising a family I have gone through a few kettles. I have tried many makes and designs but never spending more that around £25. All of them eventually dribbled from the spout and all of them were noisy, and became worse as time went on. Recently I went on a search for a new kettle as the one I was using was driving us insane..It sounded like a threshing machine and we had to mop the worktop after pouring into a cup. My search still had the spending sum of around £25 to £30 in mind but I…

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