Coffee Panda Pour Over Coffee & Tea Kettle | 1.2L Satin Stainless Steel Tea Pot With Gooseneck Pour Spout | Built-In Thermometer Gauge | Heat Protectant Bamboo Trivet


Your new Coffee Panda Pour Over Kettle will never leave your stovetop or kitchen counter.

– This non-electric coffee kettle / tea pot has a 1.2L capacity (1.0L boiling capacity) and is made from medical-grade satin stainless steel.
– The easy-grip handle is ergonomically designed to fit naturally in your hand.
– Achieve maximum control over your pouring with optimum water flow from the fluted gooseneck pour spout.

Stop burning your expensive coffee beans. Taste their true flavor and smell their natural aromas.

Our pour over coffee kettle is equipped with a built-in thermometer.

– Always know exactly when the water has reached the perfect brewing temperature.
-You’ll extract maximum flavor from your coffee without the burnt taste. Change your coffee lifestyle forever with more flavorful coffee.
– Comes with a Moso Bamboo Trivet to protect your kitchen counter from damaging heat. Don’t be afraid to leave your kettle on any surface immediately after use.

We take quality (and coffee) seriously at Coffee Panda. In the rare circumstance that you feel unsatisfied with your Pour Over Coffee Kettle, feel free to return it for a full refund. You won’t hurt our feelings…we promise.

Interested in brewing hand crafted coffee and tea with precision? Simply click the Buy button at the top of this page.

Product Features

  • ➤ HAND-CRAFTED COFFEE AND TEA WITH PRECISION ⇒ Pour over coffee is art and science. A non-electric coffee kettle helps you pour water at the optimum brewing temperature with maximum control so you can enjoy an ideal cup of drip coffee. First time making drip coffee with a kettle pot? We’ll walk you through the entire process in our BONUS free e-book: “The Home Barista’s Guide To Manual Brewing.”
  • ➤ GET THE MOST FROM YOUR COFFEE ⇒ You will always know what temperature you are brewing at with this drip kettle. The lid contains a built-in thermometer gauge with ideal brewing temperature range. Stop burning your coffee with water that is too hot. Unlock the true flavor potential of your favorite single origin or blended coffee beans.
  • ➤ PROTECT YOUR COUNTERTOP ⇒ Never damage your expensive countertop again with a hot kettle. This drip kettle kit comes with a Moso Bamboo Trivet adding a heavy layer of protection between your kettle and any working surface. Show off your beautiful pour over coffee kettle and feel comfortable leaving it on the table for your guests to see. Like making coffee while camping? Set your kettle down on the dirt without damaging its stainless steel bottom.
  • ➤ 100% HAPPINESS GUARANTEE ⇒ Enjoy a stress free purchase. Brew your coffee and tea by hand with more precision than ever before. Anything less than that and we’ll refund your money in FULL.
  • ➤ MODERN, ERGONOMIC DESIGN ⇒ You’ve never seen a kettle this beautiful. The 1.2 Liter pour over drip kettle is made of surgical-grade satin stainless steel designed to beautify your stovetop and prevent rust formation. Professional baristas love the ergonomic design of the easy-grip handle. It grips naturally in your palm and will have you pouring with perfectly balanced motion. Enjoy the gooseneck spout designed to pour water smoothly, naturally and at optimum flow for manual brewing.

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