Coconut and Banana Flavoured Coffee (100g, Beans)

Immerse yourself in the sweetness and smoothness of Coconut & Banana flavoured coffee. Relax as this flavored coffee drifts your spirits to a far off island paradise. The flavour of coconut & banana is loved by many. Coconut & Banana coffee is described as sweet, rich, and creamy. Fresco Coffee recognized the popularity of this delicious flavour and added the essence into our premium 100% Arabica coffee to bring you one of our best discovered flavours yet. So treat this Coconut & Banana coffee blend as a sweet desert, as a rich confection, and as a smooth gourmet coffee. You’re going to love it! Silky smooth flavoured coffee, premium quality and fresh roasted for the best flavour anywhere!

Product Features

  • Arabica Coffee Beans, Ground or Beans
  • Flavoured Coffee, Tasty Flavour

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