Clear Glass Heat Resistant Infuser Teapot Induction Cooker Kettle TEA 1000ml

1. Using green high-borosilicate glass. Crystal clear, simple sense is good.

2. With strong mechanical strength and thermal shock temperature for a strong performance.

3. The tettle bottom using the stainless steel, is not easy to rust and keep the water quality

4. Easy to clean. and not adsorptive the smell of tea.

5. Mainly used for the tea ceremony boil the water,and that occupy the home,steeped tea and so on. widely used in The hotel,Teahouse, restaurant and other places. have a high appreciation. interest Sex, ascension is not only your life taste!

Product Features

  • The multifunction glass teapot, which achieved a variety of utility functions, breaks the tradition that old style glass teapot can not be used for heating by electromagnetic oven. It can be heated by induction cooker or alcohol furnace directly. This teapot also contains a filter net, can be used to heat water and make tea. The perfect combination of glass and stainless steel, demonstrates a high-grade texture.
  • The multifunction glass teapot, bottom is made of the quality 304# stainless steel, after a rigorous testing improvement, with a scientific groove design, can avoid the teapot sliding when it is on the electromagnetic oven and reduce the noise from the boiling water. What a technical teapot, you worth having one.
  • Interior and lid of the multifunction teapot are made of 304# stainless steel. The 304#, safe to human body and not easy to be rusty, has passed the National quality inspection

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  1. Mel says:

    good value

  2. Amani says:

    Awesome teapot

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