CISNO 2 in 1 Electric Tea Kettle with Temperature Control, Blue LED Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Strainer, 1.7L 2200W Cordless Jug Kettle with Infuser Tea Steeper

Min / Max Capacity: 0.5L / 1.7L
Voltage: 220V
Power: 2200W
Net Weight: 3.08 lbs
Cord Length: 29.52 inches
Material: BPA free borosilicate glass & 304 stainless steel
Temperature Range: 40°C ~ 100°C
Keep Warm Temperature: 40°C to 96°C
Keep Warm Time: 60mins.

85°C – Instant Coffee
60°C – White Tea
70°C – Yellow Tea
80°C – Green Tea, Oolong, Matcha, Blooming Tea
100°C – Black Tea, Herbal Tea

Before cleaning, please disconnect the kettle from the power outlet.
Never immerse the power cord in water or allow the water to contact with this parts.
Mineral deposits in water may cause for precipitate and stain, this is a normal phenomenon.

You can clean it according to these steps:
1. Put the 3 cups of white vinegar into the kettle, and then fill the kettle with water, let it stand for 6-8 hours. Do not boil it.
2. After 6-8 hours, drop the water, open the lid, use the damp cloth to rub the interior of the kettle and the infuser, you can see that the stain can be removed easily. After that, use the clean water to wash it.

CAUTION: Do not use chemical, steel, wooden or abrasive cleaners to clean the outside of the kettle.

Product Features

  • BREWING ANY TYPES OF TEA – Built-in 100% stainless steel infuser suit for all types of tea brewing. The tea steeper allows you to raise and lower the infuser for customizable flavor without opening the lid of kettle. Suitable mesh of the tea strainer can prevent the spot leaf tea from dripping to the water, so it’s great for loose leaf tea and also perfect for bagged tea, blooming flower tea.
  • VARIABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Water temperature is the most important for brewing tea, coffee, beverages and blends, this kettle can be adjusted temperature from 40°C to 100°C, the digital temperature control of the handle allows you to observe temperature anytime. And the keep warm function can hold the selected temperature for up to 60min., so your water is ready at the temperature you want whenever you need it.
  • FAST BOILING AND LARGE CAPACITY – When you need a quick cup, choose this kettle. 2200W power allows the water to boil in 7-8 mins., faster than microwave and stovetop. 1.7L capacity can provide 7-8 cups of tea, especially suitable for entertaining guests and friends. Larger capacity also is ideal for longer periods of leisure or office activity.
  • EXTRA SAFE – The body of kettle is made of 304 stainless steel and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, it’s 100% BPA FREE and FDA Approved, let us stay away from the bad smell of plastic. The cool touch handle also protect your fingers from scald, so choose this perfect kettle.
  • CORDLESS & EASY CLEANING – The 360-degree rotating base design allows you to pick up the kettle from any angle. The wide-opening lid design make it easy to clean.

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One Response to CISNO 2 in 1 Electric Tea Kettle with Temperature Control, Blue LED Glass Teapot with Stainless Steel Strainer, 1.7L 2200W Cordless Jug Kettle with Infuser Tea Steeper

  1. Anonymous says:

    I do love this with a couple of issues however.Best features: incorporated tea infuser (which can be raised or lowered according to the strength of brew required), variable boiling temperature for different kinds of tea, keep warm facility.Down sides: pricey (but worth it) and the keep warm button is confusing. After you press it the light on the button flashes blue thenoff. It stays warm for 60 mins. Turning off the keep warm feature also flashes the button light blue then…

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