BRITA MAXTRA Water Filter Cartridges – Pack of 2

Product Features

  • MAXTRA cartridge reduces lime scale, chlorine and other impurities
  • Fits all BRITA MAXTRA jugs, partner kettles and Tassimo machines
  • Cartridge replacement: 4 weeks/100 L using hard water
  • 100% recyclable and convenient ring pull handle for easy exchange
  • Packaging may vary

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3 Responses to BRITA MAXTRA Water Filter Cartridges – Pack of 2

  1. Tina says:

    Great value for money We have been using these water filters cartridges with our water jug for some time now. We used to buy them from our local supermarket until I spotted them here on Amazon – at 80% cheaper!!!!!We live in a hardwater area, and although I admit to being initially sceptical as to their use, thinking they were just another way to get me to part with money on a regular basis, I have been won over and can definitely see that they work! and we would just be buying bottles of water anyway,…

  2. Africare Mr J. Jackson says:

    Maxtra water filter

  3. MM says:

    Does the job I have a Brita jug, which has been replaced by other Brita jugs over the years, so I need to buy these cartridges and have not tried any other brand for comparison. If you live in a hard water area, as I do, filtered water makes a huge difference to the quality of your drinking water, tea, coffee, etc. I always shop around for the cheapest deals as prices vary a lot. This 12 month box will last me about 6 months as my water is so hard, I have to replace the filter every two weeks, when cups of…

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