Breville VKT057 Strata Luminere Kettle, Rose Gold

Product Features

  • Distinctive matt metallic finish with mirror chrome accents; unique crystal design within the lid handle and power switch
  • White illumination in boil mode
  • Easy-grip lift-off lid
  • Rear water window makes accurate filling easy
  • Matching toaster is available

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3 Responses to Breville VKT057 Strata Luminere Kettle, Rose Gold

  1. Andrew - (sekrapa) says:

    Nice looking, rapid boil, expensive, do you really need bling? This is a beautifully designed and elegant kettle, as kettles go. This is a jug kettle, which means it is taller and the handle is at the side. I prefer this as you can pour it without hot steam burning your hand. The lid comes off to allow an easy filling of water, rather than a hinged lid.The lid of the kettle features a bit of bling, a crystal on the top as well as a small one on the switch itself. When the kettle is on, the switch lights up white at the end of the crystal, and there…

  2. Johnnybluetime says:

    An attractive design that works very well. Very happy with this kettle. It looks smart and feels substantial and well made. I particularly like the large lighted viewing window that allows you to easily see how much you’ve filled the kettle, I found this a big improvement on the narrow, dark windows you usually get on kettles. I also like the fact that the lid is completely removable, so no problems with faulty catches or burning your fingers after the kettle’s boiled and you need to refill it. The spout is a good size and pours without…

  3. hfffoman says:

    UPDATED – not as good as I first thought UPDATE – a couple of things have struck me over time. 1. My previous Breville kettle has a neat feature where the switch turned off as soon as you lifted the kettle. For some reason this kettle doesn’t have it and now that I have tried both types for a long enough period, I find the auto switch off much better.2. It splashes badly when you fill it at the tap.These are tiny points but at this price just enough to make me downgrade from 5 to 4…

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