Breville VKJ932 Brita Maxtra Kettle, 1 Litre, 3000W, White

Product Features

  • Brita MAXTRA technology reduces limescale and impurities
  • Gloss white finish, with extra large water window and blue illumination on boil
  • Includes a recyclable BRITA MAXTRA cartridge, and the BRITA Memo feature indicates when to replace the cartridge
  • Filters and boils simultaneously
  • Push-button lid release for easy filling

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2 Responses to Breville VKJ932 Brita Maxtra Kettle, 1 Litre, 3000W, White

  1. Exploration HSE Advisor says:

    Good but minor flaws in design. Had a Breville Brita kettle which lasted 2 years. Decided to try stainless steel bodied kettle by Russle Hobbs. But it was noisy and, due to being stainless steel, let in low light, such that we had difficulty is see the level of water in the windows. Bought this one while shelved the Russle Hobbs. Very quiet in comparison although the volume which could be boiled at one time is less, at 4-5 cups. Two things to improve is the transparent part of the body should come down to the level of 1 cup…

  2. linda thatcher says:

    Nice looking and reasonably priced.

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