Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser

Product Features

  • Third generation of Breville hot water dispenser with Brita filter technology
  • Fast boil 3 kW concealed element for maximum efficiency and easy clean
  • Variable dispense–choose from nine different cup sizes and Manual stop allows you to control flow of water
  • Large 1.8 litre illuminating water tank with extra-large rear water window
  • Brita filter technology filters limescale and chlorine–works while boiling and includes Brita Maxtra cartridge

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3 Responses to Breville VKJ367 Brita Filter Hot Cup with Variable Dispenser

  1. Shaun Horrigan says:

    Really great but a few issues you should be aware of. I have previously owned both the Tefal Quick Cup (which is fast but the water was not hot enough for my liking) and the first generation of the Breville Hot Cup. The Breville Hot Cup worked perfectly, but 18 months of use in a very hard water area means it now dispenses large quantities of limescale along with the water despite regular de-scaling.When I saw this new model with variable dispense and an inbuilt filter, I decided that it was time for the old Hot Cup to be honourably…

  2. Deejay-t says:

    Best gadget ever!

  3. Jenks says:

    BEST TEA EVER I had previously owned another so called one cup maker that only heated water to 95oC and failed miserably to make a decent cup of Tea, this actually boils the filtered water and makes the best cuppa yet with no hard water scum, I drink my tea without milk or sugar so the taste of the Tea itself is very important and this is what you get with the Brita Filter, just water at the right temperature in about 45 seconds which is far faster than a kettle and you only boil water that you use for your…

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