Breville Brita Filter Jug Kettle, 3000 W – Silver

The Breville VKJ972 BRITA jug kettle is a modern stylish design and incorporates BRITA filter technology. This means you get the cleanest, best tasting water possible. Another handy benefit is it reduces the build up of lime scale in your kettle and that means less cleaning.

Product Features

  • BRITA MAXTRA reduces lime scale and impurities helping prolong the life of your kettle
  • Filters and boils simultaneously with blue illumination on boil
  • BRITA Memo indicates when to replace the filter cartridge
  • Extra large water window and push button lid release for easy filling
  • Includes a recyclable BRITA MAXTRA cartridge

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3 Responses to Breville Brita Filter Jug Kettle, 3000 W – Silver

  1. AJS (London) says:

    Can improve flavour of hot drinks but some inconveniences and disadvantages, too A kettle that uses the latest version of Brita’s filter technology to at least reduce but hopefully remove the limescale, excess chlorine and other similar impurities while improving the flavour of the water it boils. Although about as large as other kettles which have typical capacities of 1.5 or 1.7 litres, this has a far reduced capacity of 1 litre or 4 cups due to the filter and its funnel/filler. It may not therefore suit those situations where a larger water capacity is essential without…

  2. S. Porter says:

    ‘Smoke’ on the Water (effect thereof) Living in London as I do, I am in a hard water zone where our H20 contains high levels of calcium carbonate. This tastes rather unpleasant and can leave a ‘scum’ floating on top of our teacups and indeed make said teacups stained and difficult to clean.. We also have the dubious benefits of added fluoride which again tastes not particularly nice. And while there are many benefits of living in London (traffic jams, pollution, overcrowding – OK kidding – there are several) the city’s famed water…

  3. Mr Gumby says:

    Good kettle if you’re sure you want the filter It seems to me to make more sense to buy a standard kettle and separate filter jug, so you can filter all drinking/cooking water, not just water for boiling. Of course, that does mean more clutter. You could use the kettle as a filter jug but that would be inflexible and you certainly couldn’t fit the kettle in the fridge door!Ignoring that and reviewing the kettle on its merits, it’s certainly attractive, especially when switched on. Here are some specific…

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