Bosch Decalcifying Tablets for Coffee Machines and Kettles, Pack of 2

Bosch Decalcifying Tablets for Coffee Machines and Kettles, 6 Tablets, 310967: Top-quality decalcifying tablets for coffee machines and kettles. Regular decalcifying can help to ensure excellent performance from your appliance and longer lifetime. Easy to use. Removes the scale easily. , Descaling tablets for coffee machines, kettles, and hot water dispensers , Removes limescale quickly and effectively and protects your appliance from harmful deposits , Easy to dose , Can be used in appliance descaling programmes , Not for use with galvanised steel or enamel appliances, except for acid-resistant enamel , Tablets do not clean the appliance, for cleaning tablets use product code: 310575 , Contents: 6x tablets per pack , Bosch item number: 310967 , Pack contains:2 x 1 pack Bosch cleaning tablets with 6 tablets Net weight: 108g / pack, 18g / tablet

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