Bialetti Kitty – Italian Espresso Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel, 10 Tasses

Totally in polished steel, Kitty represents the highest level of Italian design combined with cutting edge technology. Its harmonious lines enhance the purity of the material used and the practicality of the black burn-proof handle. Kitty prepares an excellent coffee in just a few minutes, to sip while hot, at any time, according to the Bialetti tradition which has always extolled the aroma and flavour of coffee maker expressos. It is suitable for use on gas, electric and induction and pyroceramic hobs and is dishwasher safe. The coffee maker measures 22cm/8.7in high and has a base diameter of 10cm/3.9in. A 10 Cup Espresso Coffee Maker is the approximate equivalent of 500ml/ 16fl.oz (max. boiler capacity). Please note that this cup size is based on espresso cup sizes and not on regular tea or coffee cup sizes.

Product Features

  • Kitchen and Home

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2 Responses to Bialetti Kitty – Italian Espresso Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel, 10 Tasses

  1. Selma says:

    Perfect! Much better than aluminum ones 👍🏻 I’m so so happy wit my purchase! I’ve been using Bialetti moca pots for years and this is the first stainless steel one that I purchased. I’ll be definitely ordering different sizes of this one because it’s much much better than aluminum ones in every sense.Coffee tastes better, it fits perfectly while closed, looks better and it’s easier to clean (I mean the stainless steel looks brand new after cleaning while aluminum looks tarnished and spotted).All in all excellent…

  2. MR M, ESSEX says:

    Great quality for the price (compared to John Lewis prices) …

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