Beileer Clear Glass Teapot Heat Resistant Tea Kettle 800 ml with Infuser for Tea Leaf Loose Tea (clear 800ml)

800ml teapot with removable infuser. high quality heat resistant glass suitable for boiling water. Suitable for flower tea, leaf tea and teabags. But normally used to brew flower teas, or white teas as well. This beautiful teapot made entirely of heat resistant borosilicate glass is the perfect tool for enjoying loose tea.

Package Include:
1 x Clear Glass Teapot with Infuser

Product Features

  • Fine and dense filter, Suitable for all types of tea brewing
  • Glass teapot with a removable Infuser and glass lid
  • non drip pour spout., easy to handle, fantastic gift idea
  • 800ml glass tea pot is made from ultra light and strong borosilicate glass
  • Adds elegance to your tea time

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2 Responses to Beileer Clear Glass Teapot Heat Resistant Tea Kettle 800 ml with Infuser for Tea Leaf Loose Tea (clear 800ml)

  1. jantn22 says:

    An elegant teapot which holds equivalent of bottle wine! Seriously, it’s fabulous and recommended! Received this teapot the day after ordering on Amazon Prime. The pot was in its own box and well wrapped inside to avoid any breakages in transit. Instructions were included but written in Mandarin with no translation. It comes as the pot, lid and leaf holder. It looks quite robust but at the end of the day, it is glass and needs to be handled with care. I’m going to keep the box to store it in when not in use so that it doesn’t come to an early end in my cupboard!I bought this pot…

  2. wang says:

    The teapot itself is nice, a quick wash and then started making tea … This item was delivered in a sturdy box.Inside the box, you will find the glass teapot, infuser and lid.This is a lightweight borosilicate glass teapot, and is fine for boiling hot water.I drink a lot of leaf tea, so this is ideal for me.Drop your leaves into the diffuser, place in the pot, then pour in your hot water.I have tried this with dragonwell green tea, oolong tea, silver needle white tea as well as hawthorn and hibiscus…

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