Andrew James Lumiglo Kettle In White, Fast Boil, 3000 Watts, 1.7 Litre Capacity

Glamorous matt kitchen appliances are THE trend for 2016, and the Andrew James Lumiglo Kettle is the perfect practical and affordable way to bring your kitchen up to date. Designed with style, simplicity and safety in mind, the kettle will dazzle on your worktop and provide the high performance you need.

Boasting a whopping 3000W of power, this fast boiling kettle won’t leave you drooling desperately as you await your well-earned cuppa.
Despite this power, the kettle has extremely quiet operation and it’s great for use in both home and office environments.

The 1.7 litre capacity means enough for up to 8 cups of hot water, but you can also boil just one cup and save on both time and energy. A water gauge in litres lets you see when the kettle needs topping up.
The cordless jug is extremely lightweight with a comfortable handle and ergonomic lid-flip button. This means refilling won’t cause the user any unnecessary strain, and the lid opens to a full 90˚ to make things even easier. The spout contains a filter and is angled for very accurate pouring.

The kettle has boil-dry protection which prevents operation if the jug is empty. The 360˚ swivel base has non-slip feet so there’s no risk of mishaps when removing and replacing the hot jug of water.

The Lumiglo Look
The super smooth, sparkling matt white finish, the gleaming chrome details, the glowing blue lights – this kettle could easily have travelled here from the future. The surface is easy to wipe clean so kitchen splashes won’t be a problem and you can keep your kettle looking gorgeous for years to come.

**Part of the Andrew James Lumiglo Range – MATCHING ITEMS AVAILABLE! Look for the Lumiglo Toaster to get your matching set**

Size: 24cm Length with handle x 14.5cm Width x 24cm Height
Circumference without handle: 47.5cm

Product Features

  • 3000W super quiet, fast boil kettle with 1.7 litre capacity – perfect for busy kitchens and offices
  • High quality matt white finish and illuminating blue lights for a contemporary and high tech look
  • 360˚ swivel base and lightweight cordless jug with lid flip button and 90˚ opening for convenient refilling
  • Safety features include auto cancelling switch, boil dry protection and non-slip feet
  • Includes 2 Year Warranty active immediately – No Registration Required

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3 Responses to Andrew James Lumiglo Kettle In White, Fast Boil, 3000 Watts, 1.7 Litre Capacity

  1. Mr Baz says:

    A classic look and a performance to match Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal viewThis is part of a collection from the maker that includes a toaster and coffee maker all 3 have the same visual appearance black with a chrome trim it’s visually straight forward but adds a bit of class to the normal plain colour and from a practical angle white is a disaster for marks and dirt showing so the choice of colour scheme is a winner in my books.The…

  2. J Davies says:

    Good looking, quiet and fast,

  3. Mark McIntyre says:

    Its the kettle from the future… 😀

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