Andrew James Kettle, Fast Boil, Glass With Blue Illumination, 1.7 Litre Capacity, 3000W

If you’re looking for a kettle that combines stylish design with superior performance, look no further than our superb 3000W Glass Kettle.

This smart appliance with its attractive glass and brushed stainless steel design will complement any kitchen, and blue LED illumination provides a dazzling light show during the boiling process.

The jug is made of strong and safe, heat resistant borosilicate glass, and has a unique ridged design. The cordless jug sits on a 360˚ swivel base, and the brushed steel lid is flipped up using a simple button on the handle, and opens up to 90˚ for easy refilling.

Not only does our glass kettle look great, it won’t be beaten on performance. Even the fastest of today’s best-selling kettles take 2 minutes and 14 seconds to boil 4 cups of water. Our Glass Kettle does the same in just 1 minute and 46 seconds! Perfect for the morning rush or for squeezing in a cuppa during the ad break.

The kettle is also extremely easy to maintain, thanks to a removable lime scale filter and a concealed element which allows the inside of the jug to be easily cleaned.

Product Features

  • Extra fast boiling 3000W kettle – 1 litre boils in just 1 minute 46 seconds!
  • Unique look with strong borosilicate glass body which illuminates blue when boiling
  • Perfect for the family home or for use in the office with 1.7 litre capacity and water level markings
  • Easy to refill and pour – cordless jug sits on 360˚ swivel base with built-in cord storage
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning – Includes 2 Year Warranty – No Registration Required

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3 Responses to Andrew James Kettle, Fast Boil, Glass With Blue Illumination, 1.7 Litre Capacity, 3000W

  1. Zen_Sunrise says:

    Amazing looking clear glass kettle – lights up blue when water boils The supplier kindly sent me a review sample for evaluation, the opinions expressed here are entirely my ownThis has got to be the fanciest kettle I have ever seen. It is really something else and very nice. It has a capacity of 1.7 litres which is the same as most kettles these days. It is not very loud when switched on and it lights up. It boiled quickly and automatically switched off.For anyone who likes gadgety type things, this is going to be something you will love…

  2. WKReviews says:

    Cool looking kettle, works great. This fabulous kettle arrives very well packed, well padded and ensures that the kettle arrives in one piece, which is never a bad thing right?The kettle has a 1.7L capacity and boils at 3000W, which is pretty much the strongest amount of power a kettle can use, so as a result, the boiling time is very fast compared to those with lower wattage. The cool feature about this kettle is that it has a glass middle so you can see the water boiling, it also illuminates blue too, so it does…

  3. DR - West Midlands says:

    Outstanding performance, Fantastic unique design As like all my Andrew James purchases this comes very well packaged in its own detailed box. Most things come in a plain box with just the companies name on but Andrew James make their packing colourful and appealing. This doesn’t have an overall effect on the quality of the product inside but it is always nice to receive a product in nice packaging. All components are neatly packed into the box with protectives covering the main kettle so it doesn’t get minor scratches whilst…

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