Amzdeal Glass Kettle Fast Boil 360°Cordless Electric Kettle – 1.8L, Blue LED Illumination – 1800W

Is your kettle your favourite kitchen appliance? This Amzdeal 1.8 Litre 1800W Cordless Kettle has an eye-catching design with blue Illumination, lighting up while Boiling. It features a large water level indicator window and 360° rotation which allows it to be used either right or left handed to suit the position of your kitchen socket. Due to the high wattage it can boil water quickly. It has a hinged lid for easy filling and boil dry protection for safety.

Safety Guide
1.Please read this manual carefully before use glass kettle.
2.Check the voltage to ensure that it is in accordance with the rated voltage of this electric kettle. If the power cord is damaged,the same power cord is required to use and replaced by professional person. The power also need earth continuity protection.
3.The fast boil glass kettle must match the base provided.
4.Not leave the power cord hang at the sides of the high temperature objects.
5. Not fill the water beyond the maximum water level.The water will spill out if it is full.
6. Switch off automatically. Dry boil protection.
7. Not immerse the kettle into the water. Not penetrate water into the electrical parts for fear that it might cause damage to its electric elements.
8. Must remove the kettle from the heating base when pouring. filling and cleaning.
9. Please shut off the power if not use the kettle for long time.

Max Capacity: 1.8L
Voltage: AC 220-240 V
Power: 1800 W
Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Package Contents
• 1 x Amzdeal 1.8L Electric Glass Kettle
• 1 x User Manual

Product Features

  • Lluminating Glass Kettle Design:Elegant and environment friendly glass appearance to tell you what it is going on inside
  • Rapid Boil and Big Capacity: The electric glass kettle takes only 4-6 minutes to boil 1.8L water
  • Switch off Automatically:Use high-quality controller,the power will be cut off immediately when water boiled to avoid dry heating
  • 360 Degree Rotating Connecting Base:put it freely, roll the cable at the bottom of base ,it is easier to store,concealed heating element,no smell,nontoxic and healthy,convenient to clean the electric kettle
  • Easy to Use:One-touch operation,when the power is on,he blue interior LED illumination will light immediately

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3 Responses to Amzdeal Glass Kettle Fast Boil 360°Cordless Electric Kettle – 1.8L, Blue LED Illumination – 1800W

  1. huzi says:

    Perfect! I use it every day Perfect! I use it every day. Faster than microwaving water for my french press. Faster than stove (and don’t have to monitor as it turns itself off). It’s slower to heat the water on the stove than the one I used in the kettle, I’d say it’s very fast. About 5-7 minutes from fully filled with cold water (though could use hot from tap-I don’t want to wait for it to warm up from tap), to boiling. Attractive enough to keep on kitchen counter permanently. Nothing cheesy, or cheap, about it. Pours…

  2. Karen says:

    love this kettle. it was about time for me to get a new kettle as my old one was just a cheap one, at the time of getting it i could not afford a lot.when i see this one i thought it looked stylish with the blue light when it is turned on.i like the fact that it is glass as i can see when it needs descaling with my old one i…

  3. Christine says:

    A great looking kettle with LED lighting This is a great looking and stylish kettle. It is made from glass and it illuminates so you can see what’s boiling and how much water is in the kettle at any time. When you switch the power on, the blue interior LED illumination will light and the kettle will start to boil. It really looks good when boiling.The kettle boiled quickly. It holds 1.8 litres of water. The more water the longer it takes but it took about 3 minutes for half a kettle worth of water.It sports a…

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