Alessi Blue Bird Whistle Hob Kettle

Iconic stainless steel whistling bird kettle designed by Michael Graves

This stovetop kettle has been in production since 1985. It was designed in collaboration with the acclaimed Michael Graves and has been Alessi’s number one selling item ever since. Its timeless design and construction has meant that for thirty years it has remained a classic and represents a meeting of great design and functionality.

It is made of stainless steel and mirror-polished to deliver a brilliant shine. It has a matte plastic moulded handle for an easy grip and a safe hold. It also has a magnetic steel bottom suitable for gas as well as induction hobs, plus the large base means that it is quick to boil.

The bird gives it a unique aesthetic plus it sits on the spout and sings when the water is boiled. This kettle is a traditional stove top kettle which means no unsightly cables. Its chic art deco design will act as a great statement piece in your kitchen. Combine with the matching teapot for perfect kitchen coordination.

Key Features:
– Polished steel
– Bird whistles when water boils
– Suitable for induction and gas hobs
– Large base for a fast boil
– Cordless
– Designer – Michael Graves

– Materials: Stainless steel
– Dimensions: 22.5cm (H) x 22cm (D)
– Volume: 2L

Product Features

  • Hob Kettle
  • Handle and small bird-shaped whistle in PA
  • Light blue colour
  • Magnetic stainless steel heat diffusing bottom
  • Suitable for all cooking elements
  • Designed by Michael Graves
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 24cm x 24cm

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3 Responses to Alessi Blue Bird Whistle Hob Kettle

  1. jellybaby says:

    Classic Alessi design and function I have owned this kettle for a few years and really do love it. My husband and I are both big Alessi fans and have quite a few pieces, and this takes pride of place – especially as I got up at some god-awful hour to sell at a boot fair to raise the capital for it! Apart from the fact that it really does look stunning, it works well (I sometimes get a chuf-chuffing before the whistle works properly, like it’s slightly blocked, but I’ve never had whistle-failure, however much water I’m boiling)…

  2. Jakes Mum says:

    Best looking hob kettle If you want the best looking hob kettle available, this is the one for you. I can’t tell you how many people have commented, even down to the fact that it is ivory trimmed rather than the more typical blue/red version. I love it and the fact that it works on induction is a real plus. We’ve been using it since Christmas and have no ‘down side’ comments to make, but would point out to buyers that they must follow the filling instructions and not fill water above the spout line. This can…

  3. Mr. T. J. Taylor says:

    On the boil Even after 20+ years, this kettle remains the most sought after stylish kitchen item.I’ve tried both the electric version (don’t bother with the electric version, it is very expensive to run, takes forever to boil water and lasts little more than a year) and this hob version, and the hob version is vastly superior.It may be me, but I think this kettle has been reduced in size slightly from the original that I received as a wedding present all those years ago.I still love the…

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