Aicok Electric Kettle Temperature Control, Double Wall Cool Touch Stainless Steel Kettle with LED Display from 35°- 100℃ |BPA-Free| Quick Boil |Keep Warm| Strix Control | (1.5 L, 2200 W)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This 1.5-liter, 2200W AICOK electric kettle allows you to quickly boil water in 2-5 minutes. You can enjoy your favorite tea, instant coffee, or other beverages. Aicok is not only a slogan, but also a synonym for quality and service, 3 year warranty.

Power supply: 220-240V
Power: 2200W
Capacity: 1.5 liters
Dimension: 23.50 x 19.20 x 26.20cm
Weight: 1090g

● Double external coating
● Internal body completely in stainless steel
● 1.5 liters capacity
● Low Noise
● On / off switch with LED light indicator, lid openings with one-key system

The electric kettle is equipped with an automatic shut-off function as soon as the water reaches boiling temperature, but the kettle has to wait a few seconds, when it is boiling, then it switches off automatically. You do not need to worry about it.
In addition, the automatic shut-off function cuts in and off the electric kettle even when there is no water inside. So if the water runs out or is low and evaporates while the kettle is on, the protection will switch it off automatically.

You should get into the habit of cleaning and drying the stainless steel kettle after use; this in fact, will help to prevent the product from oxidation.
It is advisable to use a cloth after use, in addition to cola, vinegar or lemon juice. Simply fill a glass with a 2-to-1 solution of vinegar or lemon juice and water, or pour cola directly from a bottle, leave the glass at night and wash the kettle in the morning. Remove any residue with a paper towel.

Product Features

  • PRECISION TEMPERATURE CONTROLS:  LED displays temperature, simple to use and easy to read for hot coffee or tea;  A full stainless body kettle guarantees zero plastic contaminating your drinking water, the strong 304 food grade steel kettle provides durability and ensures it won’t break or crack like glass
  • AWARD WINING DESIGN & PROCESS: Unique double wall kettle keeps your drinking water hot longer conserving electricity and keeps kettle surface temperature cool to the touch, no more worrying about accidental scalding kettle, wide mouth and press button lid makes your experience better and safer
  • QUICK BOIL & WITH STRIX CONTROLS: Fast and safe in under 6 minutes for a full 1.5L water kettle tank, build in auto shut off for turning it on and let it do its job, worry free
  • EASY TO USE FOR HEALTHY WATER:  Simple buttons with LED display to set temperature and hit start, keeps drinking water warm with keep warm button
  • THREE YEAR WARRANTY PROGRAM:  High end electric kettle to meet your hot beverage needs, comes with a three year product life warranty and full life time service

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2 Responses to Aicok Electric Kettle Temperature Control, Double Wall Cool Touch Stainless Steel Kettle with LED Display from 35°- 100℃ |BPA-Free| Quick Boil |Keep Warm| Strix Control | (1.5 L, 2200 W)

  1. MR A. says:

    Very smart looking! Brilliant little electric jug in nice steel finish. No plastic bits so I’m hoping this lasts longer. The unit itself is very well built and 1.5l capacity is sufficient for most. The individual temperature control feature is unique and not something I’ve had before on boiling a kettle! Great little feature as allows me to heat water to boil at different temperatures…really is a handy feature. My old jug was starting to develop limescale and was looking old…only because i had skimped and…

  2. sam says:

    Well made and modern kettle I’ve used electric kettles for almost 20 years and I love them; they’re faster, more efficient, and more portable than either stovetop kettles or the microwave. I bought this one to replace an excellent stainless steel kettle from a well known brand that lasted many, many years, but doesn’t fit in our newly revamped kitchen anymore. I was hoping for something of similar quality with temperature control and this had many positive reviews.It came in a medium size black box, inside I find my…

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