Aicok Electric Cordless Jug Kettle , Stanless steel (2200 W,1.7 L ) Water Travel Kettle with Six Selectable Temperature Levels 40 ° / 60 ° / 70 ° / 80 ° / 90 ° / 100 °,Quick Boil ,Automatic Shutdown

Aicok makes it easy to boil water with attractive, easy-to-use kettles. The great performance features you’ll appreciate year after year.

Here are all diferent types of tea and temperatures for you

Black tea: 0.5 teaspoon per cup; water temperature 96°C (205°F); steep for 3 minutes.
Green tea: 1 tsp/cup; temp. 65-80°C (150-175°F); steep for steep 3-4 minutes.
Oolong: 0.5 tsp/cup; temp. 90°C (195°F); steep for 3-6 minutes.
White tea: 1 tsp/cup; temp. 80-85°C (175-185°F); steep for 7-9 minutes.
Red tea (Pu-erh): 0.5 tsp/cup; temp. 96°C (205°F); steep for 3-7 minutes.
Yellow tea: 1 tsp/cup; temp. 90°C (195°F); steep for 3 minutes.
Rooibos: 1 tsp/cup; temp. 96°C (205°F); steep for 3-5 minutes.
Honeybush: 1 tsp/cup; temp. 96°C (205°F); steep for 5-8 minutes.
✚ More Features
● 2 hours Keep Warm Button – This option lets you tell the kettle to maintain your selected temperature for up to 2 hours.
● Memory Feature – leave the kettle off the base within 90 seconds and when returned to the base, it will continue the heating or keep warm cycles right where it left off.
● Rapid-boil System – heats fast, approximately 6 minutes at 100˚ and maximum level.
● Water Level Gauge – A clear window shows you exactly how much water is left in the kettle. You can heat up to 8 cups at once.
● Safe and Reliable, Guaranteed – The Aicok is designed for both style and endurance, with a top quality stainless steel body that’s easy to clean inside and out. It will automatically shut itself off if it boils dry. And it comes with a full replacement warranty.

★ Important
• Please keep the kettle away from kids when the water is boiling.
• When you’re not using the kettle, keep it unplugged or in a locked room.

Two years warranty

Product Features

  • ✔ TEMPERATURE CONTROL KETTLE – 6 preset heat setting, 2 hours keep warm option,90 seconds memory function ,at the right temperature for tea, coffee and other hot beverages,6 freely selectable temperature levels: 40 ° / 60 ° 70 ° / 80 ° / 90 ° / 100 ° (red LED illuminated keys) – the reached target temperature is signaled by a beep
  • ✔ 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL KETTLE – The material of 18/8(304) Stainless Steel is made in Japan,Stainless steel body and 360-degree swivel power base provide durable use and convenience, Enhance Your Kitchen Counter, Cordless 360 Degree Pot.
  • ✔ COUNTLESS SAFTEY FEATURES- Cordless Electric Kettle with 2200W/120V for fast heat-up ,Stay cool anti-slip handle,rear water gauge window, – Removable/cleanable scale filter, Boil-dry protection with automatic shut off for safe use.
  • ✔ 1.7 LITER CAPACITY – 8 cup (1.7 liter) capacity, water level gauge.Much Faster Than Stovetop and Low Voltage Kettles; High Energy Efficient To Save You On Your Bills; Features Clear Water Level Window; Heat-Resistant Handle; and No-Drip Spout.
  • ✔ 30-DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you have any issues with our electric water kettle ,please contact our custmers support , we have 2 year warranty.

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  1. Mrs. Valerie C. says:

    Good looking cordless kettle with extra features Kettles these days come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours and can be made from a variety of materials from glass to plastic as well as stainless steel, but they are all designed to boil water.This one has a couple of extra features which make it a bit different so when offered a sample to evaluate at a discounted price with no obligation to write a review I was happy to accept.The Aicon kettle is styled as a jug, made of attractive brushed steel with a black…

  2. Anonymous says:

    THE PACKAGE:The box is medium sized (to fit the kettle obviously) and has a full colour photo of the kettle on the outside. With the details being shown in close up photos on one side.THE KETTLE:The kettle is nicely made! It’s stainless steel for most of the construction. The base is made of tough plastic. The handle is plastic as well (so you don’t get burnt when picking the kettle up to pour your hot water!) and…

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