AeroPress Filter Papers, Pack of 350, White

This pack of 350 micro filters are replacement filters for the Aerobie Aeropress.

Product Features

  • A pack of 350 high quality AeroPress Coffee Maker Micro-Filters
  • Genuine micro-filters for the AeroPress coffee maker
  • The micro-filter has been designed to remove grit for a smoother cup of coffee
  • The AeroPress method shortens brew time to 20 seconds or less
  • A fantastic replacement pack for your AeroPress.

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2 Responses to AeroPress Filter Papers, Pack of 350, White

  1. Cheshire Dave says:

    Review of the FILTERS and not the contraption The filters do exactly what you’d expect, and you have to buy them if you have an AeroPress – but if you’re worried about costs or about looking after our trees / planet, I previously posted this (below) as a reply to another review; but it’s probably more obvious to everyone if it has its own review. So here it is.Filters are under 2p each – but, as mentioned in company literature, they can be used over and over if you rinse under the tap. (And, as the seal lasts longer if you…

  2. Amazonian says:

    Essential accessory Essential accessory for the aeropress filter system of coffee making. I find them very sturdy and they can be used three times each if you want to save money (I drink a lot of coffee!). However, I use a fresh filter every time as I believe re-using the papers does affect the taste of the coffee and at the end of the day they only cost a penny each. After use I retain the filter briefly, drop the coffee grounds in the bin* and while rinsing the remaining grounds off the rubber seal in the sink,…

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