3x Smoking Chips: 500ml olive wood, 500ml orange wood, 500ml almond wood. Smoking chips, grain size 2-3 cm, Smokey Olive Wood

Smokey Olive Wood Selection of Smoking Chips

•Article Nº: SOW-143

•Content: 3x Smoking Chips: 500ml Olive, 500ml Orange, 500ml Almond

•for a mild, aromatic mediterranean flavor

•Made specifically for smoking foods

•For all grills and smokers

•Strong smoke development

•Economical in use

•The product is well protected in its re-sealable packaging

•Best results with pork, poultry, fish, beef, lamb, vegetables, sausage products, cheese


Smokey Olive Wood smoking chips are suitable for all BBQs, grills and smokers, for cold smoking and hot smoking foods. Mediterranean spices, such as rosemary, thyme, sage, red pepper and oregano blend very well with the mild flavor of the olive wood smoke. Our Smokey Olive Wood smoking chips are made of natural, dried, pure mediterranean woods.

Product Features

  • 3x natural mediterranean wood chips: olive, orange, almond
  • intense, mild, aromatic Mediterranean flavors
  • strong smoke development, economical in use
  • Grain size: 2-3 cm, for all grills and smokers

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