3.5L Steel Matt Cream Whistling Kettle for Boat Hob Gas Electric

These fine whistling kettles are a seamless fusion between modern and retro styles and are ideal in any kitchen environment, whether in the modern kitchen or the quaint narrowboat. Functional with a phenolic handle for heat resistance and trigger spout release to keep your hands safe when pouring.

Product Features

  • Colour & Finish: Cream, Matt
  • These kettles are suitable for gas and electric hobs
  • 3.5L approximate capacity
  • Stainless Steel
  • Phenolic, heat resistant handle.

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2 Responses to 3.5L Steel Matt Cream Whistling Kettle for Boat Hob Gas Electric

  1. CJ Hunt says:

    The best kettle I’ve ever bought. 5/5 We’ve used ‘gas’ kettles for the last 6 years now and have gotten through roughly one per year. This is the best of the bunch by a mile. Really nice heavy quality construction with a wide based stainless bottom. The lid has a strong close mechanism and the spout / whistle too clicks back into place with great purpose!The main positive that I can give however is the actual open/close lever. On many kettles, and I include expensive ones (plus the best rated kettle presently on…

  2. monitor says:

    PRIMA 3.5 LITRE STAINLESS STEEL WHISTLING KETTLE PURPLE I didn’t like this kettle for three main reasons.1) The purple coloured paint or laquer is not really suited to being used for a kettle as it is soluble in water – if you rub the kettle with a cold wet cloth the colour comes onto the cloth. It is unlikely to last long. I notice they produce a plain stainless version of this model now which would probably be better.2) The handle is not as illustrated as a loop, connected to the kettle at each end but just at the spout end. This is…

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