16 DESCALING TABLETS – Kettle Descaler Coffee Machine Descaler – Limescale Remover For Decalcifying Multiple Appliances – Kettles Irons Water Filters Coffee Machines – 4 Boxes of 4 – 16 Total

What Are Fizz Tablets?

Fizz Descaling Tablets are a simple and quick to use product for dissolving the limescale (mainly calcium carbonate) that builds up in various appliances that associate with boiled or heated water e.g. include kettles, coffee machines, irons etc.

How Do I Use It?

Instructions are on the packet, but it easily dissolves limescale in a steady and safe manner, whereby the contents can be discarded and washed, or the process repeated to clear very heavy limescale buildup.

Why Remove Limescale?

Removing limescale is important as it renders your electrical appliances much more efficient by improving their performance and lifetime.

Suitable Uses?

Fizz descaling tablets are suitable for use in most appliances, except those with galvanised surfaces or enamel appliances.

Product Features

  • ✓ FAST DESCALING of all appliances – Kettle, Coffee Makers, Irons etc…
  • ✓ REMOVES and PREVENTS limescale – Improves appliance performance
  • ✓ ORIGINAL Fizz Descaling Tablets
  • ✓ 4 BOXES of 4 Tablets – 16 TABLETS IN total!

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