1.7 l Orange Wood Smoking Chips, medium grain size 2-3cm, Smokey Olive Wood

Smokey Olive Wood Orange Wood Chips

•Article Nº: SOW-411

•Content: 500 ml

•Medium sized smoking chips, for a fresh, fruity citrus flavor 

•Natural orange wood

•Made specifically for smoking foods

•Economical in use

•Suitable for all common grills, BBQs and smokers

•The product is well protected in its re-sealable packaging

•Best results with pork, poultry, and beef


Use recommendations: 

•Soak a handful of Smokey Olive Wood Orange Wood Chips in fresh water during 30 minutes

•Wrap the Smokey Olive Wood Orange Wood Chips in a piece of aluminum foil, leaving both ends open

•Place the aluminum foil with the Smokey Olive Wood Orange Wood Chips on your hot charcoal, lava rocks, or the electric heating of your BBQ, grill or smoker

•Once the Smokey Olive Wood Orange Wood Chips start emitting smoke, place your grill goods on the grill 


Smokey Olive Wood Orange Wood Chips are produced in the Valencia area in Spain. Around Valencia, there are large orange plantations. Pruning those orange trees produces orange wood, which we work into wood chips for grill, BBQ and smoker. Orange wood is used around Valencia traditionally for preparing Paella on the open fire. The fresh fruity citrus aroma is translated to the Paella, which is prepared on large open pans over the orange wood fire, and gives it a very special note.

Product Features

  • natural orange wood
  • fruity, fresh, citrus flavor
  • Grain size: 2 to 3 cm, for all BBQs, grills and smokers
  • Orange wood is traditionally used to prepare Paella on the open wood fire

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